About the Georgetown University Directory

The University Directory contains a unified view of faculty, and staff information. Web Access to the University Directory server is maintained by University Information Services. After searching for a name, NetID, phone number, group or department, click on any name to display more detailed information about that entry. When your search results in a single listing, all the known details about that listing are provided.

The University Directory is provided for the Georgetown community and those who have a specific interest in reaching individual faculty, or staff. Information obtained from this Directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to faculty, or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other response from individuals listed in this directory by mail, telephone or other means is expressly forbidden.

How Email Addresses are Displayed in This Directory

To protect Georgetown University faculty, and staff from email spam, email addresses in the University Directory are only displayed when accessed from the Georgetown University network. External users can still email individuals in the directory by using the link to "Send email to this user" and filling out a web form. Georgetown University users may use the "Georgetown University users" link and log in using their NetID to view complete directory records. The email message that is sent will include a header to let the recipient know that the message originated from this directory web site. Recipients should be aware that the authenticity of senders' email addresses cannot be verified in this process.

How to Update Directory Information

Faculty and Staff entries are generated from information contained in the GMS Human Resources system. To request your information (Preferred Name, Business Title and Work Phone in the GMS nomenclature) be updated, please contact your department's HR Contact.

Faculty directory entries may link to a faculty profile for additional information. These profiles may be updated by individual faculty by going to the GUFaculty360 and using the Faculty Login option.

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